Madison Thibaut Haas

This is only my first night here and I'm so impressed. I have extreme diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it's so incredibly clean and nice-and it takes a lot to get me to say that! I feel so comfortable here. And we are all so blown away with Shawn's helpfulness. He does an incredible job running this place. He's so easy to reach and so helpful and nice. He doesn't make us feel pressured or on edge. He's eager to help with making sure you have a good time and helping you find what all is around you. The place is so cutely decorated too. His keyless entry is one of my favorite features and the fact that we didn't have to check in anywhere before hand made traveling SO much easier and smoother. The flooring is very nice. The bathroom is beautifully set up and nice. So many supplies came provided like paper towels, salt/pepper, dishwasher soap, toilet paper and all the plates/bowls were wet so you know they had been washed. It takes a lot from me to write a good review and I can honestly say there's nothing bad I can say and I haven't even been here for 24 hours. I'd love to help anyone considering staying here if they have questions because I seriously recrommend Salty Vacation. Thank you Shawn!